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The Power You Need - When You Need It

AGM Power Systems


We have the expertise, experience and talent to provide you with the products, service and information to meet your power needs. Factory trained professionals provide on-site and in-shop service. Ask about our “On-Site Power Evaluation” service to calculate the proper sizing of your electrical requirements.

Trust Our Experts


Trust our experts to help you make the right decision in selecting the correct generator for your specific requirements. Find out more about our power products.


Once you have a standby or primepower unit. EBS has the expertise and the tools needed to properly install and set up your new emergency system.


Ensure the proper functionality and longevity of your emergency power investment. EBS provides expert service and preventative maintenance plans. Be sure to ask us.

Power Through

For Your Business

Lost power means lost revenues. And it could mean irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation. No matter your business need, AGM Power System can help minimize the damage or loss  caused by power outages. AGM Power System will work with you to provide a standby generator solution to protect your bottom line and give you an edge over the competition.

At Home

HomeBackup Power for your family’s comfort and safety. Home standby generators sense outages and turn themselves on within seconds when there’s a utility power outage. Portable & Recreational Power make camping and tailgating more comfortable and provide power for remote projects.

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