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Once you have a standby or primepower unit. AGM has the expertise and the tools needed to properly install and set up your new emergency system.

Generators can be installed during new construction or retrofitted into existing residences and businesses.

Our air-cooled systems are prepackaged, making installations easy and affordable. This prepackaged system includes:

  • Our exclusive automatic transfer switch with built-in emergency load center
  • Pre-wired conduits
  • A pre-wired external connection box
  • A flexible fuel line and a composite-mounting pad
  • Our 7000 watt to 15,000 watt air-cooled systems come with all major components fully pre-wired, making most installations faster and more affordable than any other brand on the market today.

Our automatic transfer switch system, with its built-in emergency load center, allows you to connect circuits from your home’s main distribution panel to circuits in the load center. It’s that simple! This innovative design makes installation easier for you, your electrical contractor or one of our authorized dealers. You decide which option is most economical and easiest for you.

Maintenance Service Plans

Along with owning a standby or primepower system it is also critical to have a preventative maintenance plan in effect in order to ensure the proper functionality and longevity of your new investment.

AGM Power Systems is more than capable to provide this important service.
Be sure to ask us about it.


Service, Repairs & Modifications

  • Complete service repair and overhaul of engine-generators on location or at our Facility.
  • Oil change, filter change, lube oil and fuel oil samples taken for analysis. Complete fuel cleaning and polishing service available.
  • Cooling system service, adjustment and replacement of fan belts and hoses, 50/50 premix coolant and troubleshoot heating problems.
  • Tune ups, complete adjustments to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Ignition system or diesel fuel injection systems.
  • Load Controls and L.P. carburetion, air/fuel ratio set up and exhaust gas emission analysis available.
  • Emergency power system site surveys, review of new and old power system installations to assist in system improvement and up-grades.
  • Troubleshoot, diagnostics and repair of single and multi-unit power plants including generators, voltage regulators, transfer switches, auto start-stop systems and generator parallel control.
  • Adjust and set up load sharing, cross current, reverse power relays, power factor controllers and industrial processors, electronic speed control set up and conversions.
  • Hands on start up on new or reworked power plants, including bringing up new engine/generators, electronic governors, voltage regulation systems, control systems and heat recovery or cooling systems.
  • On site load bank service, 60Hz and 400Hz, any kW rating, reactive or resistive portables.
  • Size engine/generator day tanks, batteries, mufflers, chargers and control panels.
  • Innovative Maintenance Contracts based on Customer’s plant operation and the Customer’s individual needs. Annual PM through daily services offered.
  • Documentation and history of all repairs made to the Customer’s equipment.
  • Fully equipped service vehicles, including various analyzing equipment and diagnostic tools. These tools are designed to aid in quick repair and reduce troubleshooting time. We also have on hand a supply of electrical parts to expedite emergency repairs.